Extruded feed

"The most important thing is the consistent quality of the kibble"

Many years' experience

Vobra Special Petfoods boasts many years of experience in extruded dog and cat food. Ever since 1932 Vobra has been producing a wide range of high-quality animal feeds. In 1984, a new factory with the first extruder was built in Loosbroek, Vobra's hometown.


Thanks to the perfect combination of higher temperatures, high pressures and the addition of the right amount of liquid, Vobra is capable of producing the desired crispy extruded kibble in any shape you want. This process requires expertise!

Develop your own optimal extruded dog and cat food  

Every product is unique and completely tailored to the specific needs of dogs and cats. This is reflected in the use of a rich array of high-quality ingredients. We thereby enable you to create your ideal kibble in consultation with our Research & Development department, whether it is regular food or diet food geared to the specific characteristics of canine or feline ailments.

Every ingredient has its own characteristics, which often requires sophisticated production processes. For 15 years now, Vobra has been working with two identical extruders which, on a yearly basis, produce about 30 million kilograms of dog and cat food. Vobra specializes in processing these exclusive and challenging ingredients. Moreover, Vobra pursues perfect quality and wants every piece of kibble to be identical. That's why a new extruder was put into use in 2014. This is Vobra's investment in the future, ensuring the production of dog and cat food of continuous high quality.

Perfecting the kibble

Obviously, this state-of-the-art machine is faster than its predecessor, but the most important thing is the consistent quality of the kibble. Vobra strives to make every piece of kibble identical. Not just in shape, but particularly in weight. Dogs and cats get their daily helping of food from their owners based on volume. Therefore, Vobra aims to ensure they get the same quality and quantity every day, not more, not less. To this end, this new extruder sports a specific pressure regulator, which is essential in this process of further controlling the exact weight per kibble piece. 

Ready for a sustainable future

Vobra has taken an important step for the future, without losing sight of sustainability. This new machine is also more energy-efficient, so Vobra is contributing positively to the industry's common objective to consume less energy during the various production processes. In recent years sustainable production has gained in importance, and it will play an ever greater role in years to come.


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