Fresh ingredients

"Even fresh fruit and vegetables are possible"

Extra production line

Vobra Special Petfoods has installed a complete production line to include a wide range of fresh ingredients in your dog- and cat food. You may choose to include fresh chicken, fresh lamb or fresh salmon. You could also consider to include a fresh mixture of chicken, turkey and duck. Even fresh fruit and vegetables are possible.

Responsible process

To ensure the freshness of the used ingredients throughout the production process right up to inclusion, Vobra has installed a cooling unit. The low energy consumption assures a sustainable production process and the accurate dosing installation offers the possibility to include fresh ingredients ranging from a 4 to 26 percent inclusion rate.

Develop your own optimal extruded dog and cat food  

Every product is unique and completely tailored to the specific needs of dogs and cats. This is reflected in the use of a rich array of high-quality ingredients. We thereby enable you to create your ideal kibble in consultation with our Research & Development department, whether it is regular food or diet food geared to the specific characteristics of canine or feline ailments.

Every ingredient has its own characteristics, which often requires sophisticated production processes. For 15 years now, Vobra has been working with two identical extruders which, on a yearly basis, produce about 30 million kilograms of dog and cat food. Vobra specializes in processing these exclusive and challenging ingredients. Moreover, Vobra pursues perfect quality and wants every piece of kibble to be identical. That's why a new extruder was put into use in 2014. This is Vobra's investment in the future, ensuring the production of dog and cat food of continuous high quality.

Assuring optimal hygiene

With the use of fresh ingredients, hygiene is of the utmost importance. The linked CIP system (Cleaning In Place) assures that the complete line is completely cleaned fully automatic. With this extension we are able to produce every type of high quality petfood you may desire.


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