"Vobra Special Petfoods has grown into a family company we take pride in!"

Since 1932

Our company came into being thanks to Mr. Piet van Krieken, who founded the company in 1932. Initially, it only produced various types of feed for farm animals. In 1963 son Gerard took over the company from his father and named it Vobra.

High quality & special petfoods

In 1970 Vobra began producing dog and cat food. Farm animal feed production was gradually phased out. In 1975 the switch to dog and cat food production was complete. Since Vobra was now completely focused on producing dog and cat food, a new factory with their first extruder was built in Loosbroek in 1984.

In 2001 construction started on a second factory - including a storage depot -in Veghel. In May 2002 this factory was completed and production could start there. The Loosbroek factory remained operational, so Vobra now produced high-quality dog and cat food in two locations. In 2006 Vobra took over Wielco. Wielco produces pressed dog food, but also sells fish baits.

Proud of Vobra

Vobra Special Petfoods has grown into a family company we take pride in! In addition to several of its own brands, Vobra also produces high-quality extruded or pressed dog and cat food for many satisfied Private Label customers.

Vobra Special Petfoods 85 years


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