"Vobra invests in the training of its employees and pursues expertise in its activities"


Vobra embraces professionalism. This means that we aspire to work with maximum knowledge and skill in all aspects of our business. We not only use professional machinery to manufacture our products, but we also believe in highly skilled employees. Vobra invests in the training of its employees and pursues expertise in its activities.

Prof. dr. Anton Beynen

For Vobra, it is a matter of course that a thorough knowledge of the production process and of the ingredients and their applications is essential for the production of high-quality animal nutrition. That is why Vobra employs experts in that domain in all of its departments. Prof. dr. Anton Beynen, a world-renowned authority on animal nutrition, collaborates with Vobra's Research and Development department as an exclusive consultant. Please click here to read his columns and articles.

Research towards innovation

In order not to miss out on the future developments, Vobra conducts research in many domains. For instance, we are in partnership with Feed Design Lab, the research and education centre for innovation and sustainability in the animal feed industry. Feed and technology companies collaborate internationally in an open innovation network in order to come up with a sustainable production chain for animal products. To accomplish this, a production facility was constructed that enables research into new ingredients, the development of healthful animal nutrition, the testing of new production techniques, and the organization of training activities.

Community Partner of Feed Design Lab


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