"Our R&D team will help you look for the ideal combination"

Your demands are key

Our Research & Development department is composed of nutritionists and veterinarians. Their versatile knowledge, skills, and insights ensure that Vobra can not only react quickly to changes in the market, but the company itself can also develop innovative products and concepts. The customer's demands are essential in the development of new recipes. The R&D team will work together with the client in the search for the ideal combination of ingredients, additives and productions methods, to obtain the results that suit the customer's demands and Vobra's quality image.

Prof. dr. Anton Beynen

Prof. Dr. Anton Beynen is Vobra’s exclusive consultant. In this quality, he developed the SANIMED range of diet foods for Vobra. In addition, Anton Beynen has advised and assisted countless Private Label customers in the development of exclusive formulations. Beside his scientific publications, Anton Beynen writes columns and articles for many renowned international pet food periodicals. Please click here to read his columns and articles.

Research towards innovation

Vobra Special Petfoods is in partnership with Feed Design Lab, the research and education centre for innovation and sustainability in the animal feed industry. Feed and technology companies collaborate internationally in an open innovation network in order to come up with a sustainable production chain for animal products. To accomplish this, a production facility was constructed that enables research into new ingredients, the development of healthful animal nutrition, the testing of new production techniques, and the organization of training activities.

Community Partner of Feed Design Lab


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